Top 5 USA Pizza Brands

papa johns pizza

The pizza originated from Italy and was called a pie. The first pizzas were made as tomato pies but have now evolved into using many ingredients. There are some ingredients which make the pizza what it is and without these ingredients you can’t really call it a pizza.

You need a crust, the tomato sauce or tomato of any kind. The pizza does not have to have cheese but this item is very popular. The most sold pizzas are those with tomato sauce and cheese. Pizzas can be done savory or sweet; your choice.

Many franchises have opened up across the world and specifically across the US. These restaurant not only offer sit in services but pizza delivery as well. Here are you top five US pizza brands determined by popularity and sales:

papa johns pizza
Curtsey of This, That and the other Thang

Pizza hut

This is the largest pizza brand in the US and is known worldwide. It may be possible that Pizza Hut is the largest pizza franchise in the world since it is owned by the largest restaurant franchise the world over. As of 2012 it had over 11,139 locations globally.


The second largest pizza brand in the US; Domino’s pizza was founded by Tom Monaghan who, along with his brother purchased a small pizza store known as DomiNicks. After eight months Tom’s brother James traded his half of the business for a Volkswagen. The company stayed private for 44 years and in 2004 they began trading in the stock exchange. There are more than ten thousand stores worldwide.

 Papa John’s

Papa John’s pizza is loved by America for its freshly made to order pizza’s. Using the freshest ingredients everyday Papa John’s keeps his customers coming back for more. John Schnatter opened his shop in 1984 when he renovated and broom closet in the back of his father’s tavern and started selling his pizza. He has over 4,000 locations worldwide and over 2,600 in the US.

Papa John’s Pizza by Jason Lam [CC BY-SA 2.0] via

Little Caesars

Little Caesars comes in at #4 serving approximately 31 countries and growing. Founded in 1959 by wife and husband Mike and Marian Ilitch, is one of the longest serving restaurants in the US. The store was names by wife Miriam who thought of her husband as her “little Caesar” and the original store is still serving the public.

Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake

With, 1350 locations Papa Murphy’s currently only serves the USA and Canada but is still the fifth largest US pizza brand. Founded in 1981 when it was just “take and bake” pizzas. In 1984 Murphy’s pizza was founded and in 1995 Terry Collins bought both chains and merged them. The restaurant won the platinum award for Consumers’ First Choice in pizza chains in 2006.

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