Papa John’s: Better ingredients for a better planet

Social responsibility of Papa John’s

Being a global fast food provider, Papa Johns understands it responsibility to the society as well as have clear strategies for its sustainable development. In other ways, the company always tries to run its business to protect the environment in the most effective way.

Social responsibility of Papa John’s
Social responsibility of Papa John’s

The company knows that the long-term well-being of the society helps it develop sustainably. In terms of the environment protection, Papa John’s has many efforts and real activities:

  • Firstly, the amount of used paper at its office are reduced owning to web-based and online technology.
  • Recycling process is utilized for cardboard, paper and package at Papa John’s office as well as restaurant.
  • The boxes are made of 100% natural fiber and receives the certification of clear source from the Sustainable Initiative. This aim is to save energy, plants and water for future generations.
  • Millions of dollars are invested to enhance the performance of its restaurants and operations with the reduction of fuel, natural gas and electricity.
  • Its suppliers support Papa John’s to reduce the amount of energy.
  • Finally, Papa John’s and its franchises have great contribution into local charities and food and hungry funds in the world.

The company not only expresses its responsibility with the society and its customers by providing the best and the finest ingredients and the unique recipes as well as talent chiefs. Therefore, if you ever try Papa John’s products, you can’t forget their special taste as well as the professional service at its locations by using Papa Johns coupon code.

Hopes for a better world and planet will be gained with the efforts of companies as Papa John’s. Selling meat sandwiches, the company is objected by animal activists; however, it is sure that using meat from animals does not mean the company has bad behaviors with them.


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