Now more rewarding with Papa John’s

Now more rewarding with Papa John’s

Papa Rewards are too well-known that all of its customers know the Rewards as well as try to gain points to receive many benefits from Papa John’s. Now, the pizza provider already provides you more chances to earn more than free pizza. In other words, you possibly have free sides to desserts at Papa John’s because the company has added extra options with redemption as low as 10 points.

Now more rewarding with Papa John’s
Now more rewarding with Papa John’s

In another note, you know if you earn Papa Johns coupon code, you will have more benefits and save some bucks. There are several simple steps for you to have enough rights when you are a reward member.

Firstly, please have online orders like you normally do and immediately you will receive 1 point for every $5 you spend. When the points you collect to redeem for delicious food. That also means that the more you eat, the less you must pay.

Each product will be relevant with certain points:

  • Garlic knot – 10 points
  • 10’’ cheesesticks – 10 points
  • Cookie – 10 points
  • Large 2-topping – 20 points
  • Large 3-topping – 25 points
  • Speciality – 30 points

Remember that the extra rewards are only available in the US so if you are staying at other countries, please visit the website of Papa John’s at your country to know more about offers and deals that are valid for you. Don’t worry because Papa John’s always brings the most surprising experience for its customers.

However, you need to ensure that you are a member of the rewards. If you haven’t registered an account of the reward, please create your own account at the right now. Certainly, you will not regret about your purchase decision at Papa John’s. Pleas take part in Papa Rewards to enjoy pizzas, desserts and sides without any money.