Children’s Day – How to choose gifts for a baby

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We give gifts for mother’s and father’s day, birthdays, Christmas and Valentine. Why not Children’s Day as well? There are other occasions where you need to choose a baby gift such as baby shower, baptism and birthday so it’s only reasonable when you know how to choose gifts for a baby.

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When choosing the baby’s gift you must take into consideration the age of the child. A two months old baby’s gift would differ from a twelve month old child.

Along with age appropriate gifts you would also choose based on safety factors and the child friendliness of the gift.

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How to choose gifts for a baby

Gift for babies between one and three months would be clothing, bedding, stuffed animals, chimes, monitors, nursery décor and so forth. At this age the baby won’t be able to play with toys but they can certainly enjoy their gifts.

Baby who start to crawl and pick up stuff are fascinated with colors and sounds. This makes choosing age appropriate toys a little more challenging. We should remember that at this age they tend to want to put everything in the mouth so we need to be careful about toys which are too small as the can be very hazardous.

Choosing gifts for babies three to six months old takes some perception. Animal shapes, bright colors, soft books and rattles are best. Toys should be made of soft plastic with no sharp edges.  Musical toys are great and this will help in the mental development of the child.

At six months or older babies start to develop their cognition. This is when they start pulling apart and putting stuff back together so building block are great at this stage. Babies also start making sounds and banging stuff. Good gift ideas are musical baby instruments, soft books, cardboard cover books with lots of pictures and colors, shapes and toys with soft texture.

What to avoid when choosing baby gifts

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·         Toys with small parts

·         Toys which can be easily torn, broken or bitten. Babies like to place things in the mouth and this can be dangerous if a piece of a broken toy is swallowed.

·         Toxic materials such as crayons, paints and play dough. These should be reserved for children over four years old.

·         Balloons can be hazardous as they tend to shred into pieces when busted and children may swallow bits.

·         Toys which the head and other body parts may fit into easily. Children may be stifled if their head get stuck into a plastic container. So toys with plastic bags are a definite no-no.

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